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Clean Environment

Project 1 - Rejuvenation of a stretch of Ghazipur Drain - Ongoing

There are 2 channels of drains flowing adjacent to Dharamshila Hospital upto Noida Highway. One channel is called Ghazipur Drain carrying waste water generated from East Delhi. It also carries untreated and partially treated waste water from unauthorized colonies and markets located on the sides of Drain. Second channel is called U.P Irrigation Canal. It carries wastewater from difference areas of UP. Two drains culminate into common point where another drain called Shahdara Link Drain joins. Together they form Shahdara Drain adjacent to Chilla STP. There are 2 major Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) discharging into Shahdara Drain; Yamuna Vihar STP and Kondli STP. Both the Treatment Plants are upgraded under Yamuna Action Plan III and AMRUT scheme. Ghazipur Drain was proposed to be intercepted completely at Kalyanpuri Sewage Pumping Station (SPSs) while UP Irrigation Canal will continue to carry untreated wastewater. Though drains are supposed to carry only treated effluent but various unauthorized colonies and slums have come up in unsewered area contributing to substantial untreated waste water. This leads to emission of harmful gases and solid waste accumulation in the drains. Not only does it lead to foul and unhygienic conditions, but also realeses bio-aerosols from the drain carrying harmful micro-organisms.

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